Monday, January 22, 2007

Bye Bye Blogspot and Kia ora Wordpress

So bummed to be leaving this blog behind, more so bummed that I couldnt get the pictures up so will probably visit this from time to time............. so check me out over here... nah over here

Leave me a comment to please so I now its working :) hehehe

Sunday, January 14, 2007

second set

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Am yes I am still a scrapbooking but I Love cards!!

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I loved making these cards and didnt really want to part with them. DOnt you hate that. But in the spirit of giving (oh man) this is what I gave to a work mate as part of the secret squirrel game... there are 2 more to go with this set too..

Home and Heart

spending time with learning about light so having done the readings and reflected on the work, this was my first photo... I love where this journey is going.

PS Note the New World Shopping trolley, hillarious!!

Ok this could take awhile but yeah to having some pictures on my blog

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This is a family reunion shot that I did with some photos taken at their homestead. Awesome whanau I might add

Flickr have saved this blog!!!

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Yah some photos to post... this is what I have been up to with my new baby. Gonna find some more maize feilds to play in now!

Also had a great crop yesterday in Whakatane with Delys, Dianna, Sandra, Raewyn and Jackie. Thanks was exactly what I needed.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No rest for the wicked...

So its that full on time of year but have been having a blast given its so quiet. On the blog front well was thinking of changing and have even go tme a new address but wanted to stick it out a bit more here and see how I go re getting some photos up. Kinda attached to this one really but will see I guess.
Havent had a break except for stat holidays, but with the strange weather my allergies and sinuses are having a ball. Been busy with a shoot with a family reunion (imagine pictures here of about 60 maori standing infront of a marae :) and creating some 6x6 calendars (imagine a calendar here with my daughter in her fairy dress) and dvds and some family shots. Have been spending a lot of time thinking about the use of light in my photography and how it effects/ affects the mood. Have been fortunate enough to be supported by Mandi. She rocks and has been forthcoming with sharing not only her experience but also in her practical as solutions.
So with my new love (yip out of the way hubby) we hanging like mates do and taking alot (and I mean alot) of photos.
So looking forward to a few things as well and one includes heading to Whakatane this weekend to catch up with Delys and crew. Wicked, looking forward to that one I tell yah. And also doing some PS Tips with SE and congrats to Lisa for getting her website up..
Ok better check the kids. Can only hear 2 crying and not 4... ummmmm LOL

Friday, December 29, 2006

ok i want a new blogger

but what happens to this one... I'm not sure but havent been able to load photos and I have no idea why and its driving me nuts..... so if you know why can you share the love and let me know :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Oh pretty baby

I wanna hold you tight
Oh pretty baby wont you say your mine
my pretty baby............ my canon 30d baby .... oh pretty baby

Got me a new camera and a couple fat lens and I should be in debt for about a year!! aargh... so yip being my own santa claus is a sure way of being truelly happy. Not that hubby wasnt great this year... infact considering I didnt give him any money (by accident I might add) he did manage to pull of a beauty and I have a new bed spread ( i love linen) which he said he choose because it was inspired by scrapbooking!! Good man :) I'd post a picture but not having much fun in that department of late... anyway back to my new camera!!

Its a canon 30d and it rock. The colour is amazing and though it took me a while to get there and not look at the sony one, we got there and I love it! Habe got a couple of great outdoor and potrait lenses and had a phoot shot today and have another 2 tomorrow so am doing a bit of a crash course in how to operate my new beast. With my Sony, I could move through it like a charm and do miss it. Especially for the fact that I didnt have lenses. But now that I do, have to slow my thought process down to accomodate the new thinking :)

Christmas here has rocked!! Its been relaxing and enjoyable all round. Almost the opposite of last year! Had a morning breakfast at home with friends then lunch with my parents, cruised around to some of the other whanau in Maketu and then went back to my parents for tea and then out cold. But sadly there are no photos of the day because I didnt buy the new camera until boxing day ( not counting my husband cell photo camera which doesnt count that much but who knows).

Am back at work and tryingn to find my mojo.. actually my mojo still there more that anything trying to find time.. so much I would like to do just need to do it :)

Ok will try again to post some photos......... still no luck.. what the &*$^#

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yip, it has been that long

Yip busy is the word of the month... wow its seems like camp was ages ago but I'm thinking it was only a month or so.... ok as a quick update
1) work going well and finding my feet slowly
2) scrapbooking, only thing I seem to find time for is buying more product
3) photography has been going well and am have to upgrade so have had to slow down a little
3) christmas is insane and to comercial for me... trying to find what makes it special to us as a family and work that angle.. seems harder when you live within five minutes of all your immediate family and spend at least 3 days of the week together....
4) enjoying at the moment making home made presents including cards and truffles and such
5) hubby is enjoying being a full time SAH"D" and so are the kids
6) I am working thru the holiday period with AL afer waitangi weekend
7) I love photoshop !
ok and of course some pictures of all the above......
(well would add some photos but it wont let me...)
take care

Monday, November 20, 2006

Its been that long???

Since I last blog. How embarrasing :) Ok am at work so will keep it short and upload some layout later since I'm at work... so heres goes
1) went back tot he coast one week later!! Another long drive but this time to Waipiro Bay. My dad said we were from there but failed to mention we are FROM there. Walk into the wharenui and am surrounded by my ancestors hanging from the walls with there names of which was Wiremu kururangi the first and second, my dad being the third adn my son being the 4th. So he got a buzz. was overwhelmed and even missed the fact that my grandfathers photo was hanging there, in which case had I seen it earlier I would have parked my family under his photo. So had a bit of a word with dad re that, because it took me off guard and I wasnt quiet prepared to see the many version of my physical features :). So off course had more opportunities to take more photos!
2) Scrapcamp was awesome. Reading Karen Ridgeways blog one can appreciate that life presents us with difficulites that leave us in situation where we are best to be at home. However there is also a process around managing one commitments and communication is important. There was none of that and to say that you have a class prepared and someone else is delivering assumes you have done exactly that. This was not the case, as there was no class, just two organisers out of pocket and stressed waiting for instructions to a class that never arrived. So my shout out to Yolande and Liane who managed the weekend successfully given the circumstances that they were put under!! it was for all accounts a successful weekend (and yes there are always those whop are going to moan and those who are actually going to provide constructive feedback NOTE there is a difference) and the New Zealand talent is still amazing so a big thanks to Faye and Nic. There we're 2 classes and 2 challenge packs where as in previous years there were 3 classes. By default I enjoyed the pace of this weekend. There was opportunity to do your own work, meet blogging mates and buy... which of course did fully... last 2 camps I was blown off my feet and didnt get as much as I wanted to do, stuck to my own table so to mingle was great all round :)
3) work is going well, and being mobile is testing my management skills a little but thank goodness for technology :)
well so much for quick. Also was awesome to meet all the forum friends and blogging crew, nothing like kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) and seeing their talent in action is awesome too :) ok LO photos later